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Revised 1/18/23


Article I.


             The purpose of the Nimitz High School Cheerleading Squad is to promote and uphold school spirit, to develop a sense of good sportsmanship among the students, and to improve relationships between schools during all competitive events. We represent Irving ISD and Nimitz High School and should always boost morale and spirit as much as possible. 

             The participation in the regular curriculum is a right afforded to each student, while participation in the extracurricular program is a privilege that carries additional expectations for acceptable conduct. While students engage in, perform, compete, or participate in cheerleading, they represent themselves, their student body, and the school district while in or out of uniform. For this reason, their behavior must be exemplary and reflect the finest attributes of the total Irving ISD student body at all times and places- whether it be school, a performance, on social media,  or even your own home. 

             The Irving Independent School requires sportsmanship, integrity, and fairness among all participants in all facets of cheerleading. All squad members must uphold the highest standards of behavior, and model appropriate conduct for other students while serving as an active member. As a selected cheerleader, each member has an obligation to the student body to attend practices and scheduled games and to perform all other cheerleading duties to the best of his/her ability. The goals of instructional and performance activities is to enhance each individual member’s skills and development, resulting in a highly skilled performance group of young, respectful individuals. Serving as a leader and positive role model, each cheerleader must demonstrate good citizenship, high moral standards, and good decision making and judgment at all times. 

              Since participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege and not a right, Nimitz High School is authorized to set higher standards for these participants than it would for those students who choose not to participate in these activities. Therefore, this Nimitz Cheerleading Constitution extends beyond the Nimitz High School Student Code of Conduct not only in types of behavior prohibited, but also in corresponding consequences and jurisdiction for imposing discipline. This Nimitz Cheerleading Constitution will be enforced with all students grade 8-12 participating in this organization regardless of: 

• whether school is in session; 

• whether the offense occurs on or off school property or at a school-related event; 

• whether the offense occurs on ANY form of online platform

• whether the student is directly involved with the organization at the time the prohibited conduct occurs; 

• whether the organization is in-season;

• where or when the conduct occurs. 

It is possible that a student who violated The NHS Cheerleading Constitution will incur consequences from both the appropriate school administrator and from the coach for the same particular violation. 


Conduct Expectations 

                   The following conduct is expected of all Nimitz High School Cheerleaders. Failure to meet these expectations may result in disciplinary action by the coaches and/or campus administration. 

1. Student commitment to the chosen Nimitz Cheer Squad is expected for the entirety of the school year, as determined by the Nimitz HS administrators and coaches. Students are encouraged to participate in more than one extracurricular activity; however, a student may not quit to participate in another while the student is still an active Cheerleader. 

2. Cheerleaders must conduct themselves properly at all times because they are official student representatives of their school and the Irving Independent School District. Members are expected to behave in a manner that is becoming of the individual, as well as to the team as a whole. 

3. Members will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. This includes behavior toward visiting or hosting teams as well as the opponent’s fans. Nimitz High School Cheerleaders will be noted for clean, yet tough, competition.


4. Members will be courteous and respectful to their teammates, teachers, and themselves directors, teachers, classmates, and all school/district administrators at all times. Conduct in the classroom should also be of a caliber which sets a good example to other students.

 5. Members will refrain from public displays of affection while in AND out of uniform. This includes all forms of social media.


6. Members will refrain from inappropriate social media activity. Cheerleaders are responsible for their personal websites, social media, and postings as well as postings on other students’ websites. Inappropriate appearance, display, pictures, dancing, comments, actions, websites, emails, chats, blogs, etc. Any member of the cheerleading squad who is caught with inappropriate, negative, lewd, obscene, and/or sexual displays will be subject to disciplinary actions as determined by the coaches or principals. This includes but is not limited to: Instagram, lispy, Facebook, text messages, Imessage, Groupme, google classroom, WhatsApp. Reddit, X, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Any post, deleted or not, is subject to disciplinary action by both the coaches and administration.


 7. Members should arrive to all practices, workouts, meetings, and events on time and prepared, and are required to stay for the duration of the event. Cheerleading may not be used as “punishment”--in other words, parents cannot pull cheerleaders from games or events. This hurts the entire squad. Any absence must be in writing to the coaches with 24 hours advance notice. Failure to do so will result in possibly probation or removal from the squad.


 8. Members should follow the rules promulgated in the Nimitz High School Student Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary measures related to the student’s participation as determined by the coaches and campus administration. This includes dress code daily-- no ripped jeans, no crop tops, no sagging pants, must have ID badges at all times, cannot have headphones on in the hallways, etc. 

Article II.

Eligibility Qualifications and Requirements 

A. Anyone who meets the set qualifications will not be discriminated against because of 

    race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, religion, or educational handicap.

B. Candidates must be entering grades nine (9) through twelve (12).


C. At least one parent of each candidate must be present at the Informational meeting or 

    must contact the director prior to the meeting. 

D. Candidates and their families must agree to and be fully aware of the financial 

    responsibilities of being a Nimitz High School Cheerleader and meet all financial obligations throughout the        year. All financial obligations for the current school year must be cleared prior to tryouts for the next school        year. 

E. Each candidate must tryout each year regardless of whether or not they have previously 

   been a member. 

F. Members who have been dismissed or resigned from the previous year must have permission from the               coach and the designated campus administrator to try out. 

G. Candidates must be an enrolled student at Nimitz High School or if a Singley student, must have Nimitz as            their home campus. 

H. If a student transfers to Nimitz High School before the beginning of summer and practices for the new year,        they must meet the following criteria to tryout: 

          a. Have participated in tryouts and made their former Cheerleading Squad team OR have participated in                some capacity with cheer or dance squad if no squad was available at their previous campus. 

          b. Present a letter of recommendation from their former coach/stating that they 

              made the team, are in good standing, and meet the academic requirements for tryouts. 

          c. Complete the required forms prior to, or on the designated date, in order to qualify for membership                      which are found in the Cheerleading Informational Packet and Irving ISD UIL performance packet. All of                which must be on file prior to the first practice or granted membership.

 Tryouts Eligibility 

1. Students must not have been academically ineligible for two or more grading periods during the application      school year. 

2. Students must have acceptable disciplinary records for the current school year. Students who have been            assigned to either ISS, OSS, or DAEP must have permission from the designated campus administrator and          coach to participate in tryouts. The following will be taken into consideration: 

            a. The circumstances of the disciplinary assignment.

            b. The student’s past disciplinary history.

            c. The satisfactory completion of the assigned consequence prior to the Tryout.

            d. If a student has more than three days of ISS, OSS, etc, assignments, they may be allowed to tryout                          under a probationary status if granted approval by the designated campus administrator and                             coach.

            e. Students in DAEP at the time of tryouts are not eligible to tryout 

3. Students must have an adequate amount of class credits, deemed acceptable by 

    Nimitz High School, accumulated for their current grade level to tryout.

4. The student must have an average of 75.0 or appropriate weighted average in all subjects without rounding      (74.9 would not qualify) on the previous grading period prior to application deadline. Students must have an      average of 75.0 on all classwork with no more than (1) failing grade. Subject to discretion based upon                    approval by administration and/or coaches. 

5. Students must not have been absent (without making up those hours) for more 

    Than 10% of school days in a school year. 

6. Any student that has an APV (Attendance Policy Violation) in the semester prior 

    to tryouts that has not been cleared by the campus attendance committee, Policy FEC (Local) is not eligible      to tryout. 

7. Students must be cleared through the attendance, administrators, and accounts payable offices before             being eligible to tryout. Documentation for this clearance will be determined through the processing of each     students’ Tryout Packet. 

8. The current Irving ISD Student Code of Conduct for extracurricular activity 

   involvement will continuously be in effect. 

9. A designated campus administrator, in conjunction with the coach, will make the 

    determination of eligibility to tryout.

10. Tryouts may be video recorded if student is unavailable to tryout during the specified time because of a           school sponsored or University Interscholastic League (UIL) sponsored event OR if they are medically unable       to tryout with approval from the cheer coach and campus administration (doctor’s documentation will be         required). 


Article III.

Tryout Clinic 

       Attendance at all Tryout Clinics is expected. Failure to participate in all clinic days could severely hamper the candidate’s ability to learn the material used for judging at the tryouts and therefore could impact their ability to make the team. 

Article IV.

Tryouts Information/Selections 

1. The tryouts will be held on a date designated by the coaches. 

2. Candidates will tryout before a panel of three (3) or more professionally qualified Cheer Judges. The Judges        will have no relationship with any elected personnel and will be hired by coaches/administration. 

3. Selection as a cheerleader will be determined by ranking cheerleader candidates. 

4. Students interested in being a cheerleader at a middle school with voluntary squads 

    must meet all conditions listed under Eligibility for Tryouts. 

5. Exceptions to the guidelines must be approved by the Superintendent or the 

    Superintendent’s Designee. 

6. The judges’ subjective and objective opinions regarding the adjudication process are final and are not appealable, nor are they grounds for the Irving ISD formal grievances process. The tryout results, once reviewed and certified accurate by the campus administration, are final and not appealable,  nor are they grounds for the Irving ISD formal grievance process. 

7. Tryouts are closed to all spectators. Those eligible for attendance include the judges, coaches, senior         assistants if needed, faculty volunteers, and campus administrators. 

8. All candidates who have been selector for incoming Cheerleading Squad will have their name and/or tryout  number posted in a place designated. 

             A. If a parent wishes to view their student’s individual tryout documents, they must contact their officiating administrator. Parents are allowed to view their student’s individual documents only. The statute of limitations for viewing is five (5) school days following the tryout session. Parents are not allowed to view any other students’ documents, nor the tally sheets. The judges’ decisions are final and are not grounds for the formal Irving ISD grievance process. 


Article V.

Membership Requirements and Expectations 

1. There will be one (1) squad of Varsity Cheerleaders, one (1) squad of Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, and one (1)1 squad of Freshmen Cheerleaders. The size or availability of each team will be determined by the Principal and/or coaches. 

2. Membership is a full school year commitment- this includes seniors. A cheerleader may not quit mid-season unless officially dismissed by his/her coach. 

3. Cheerleaders, mascots, and managers must be enrolled for the designated Cheer Class 

for both the fall and spring semesters of their membership year.


4. Cheerleaders are required to attend summer practices or are subject to discipline. For 

every two (2) days absent, the member forfeits one performance beginning with the first performance of the season unless mandated otherwise by the coaches. 

5. Attendance to all Team activities, rehearsals, and performances is mandatory. This 

includes, but is not limited to, before school, during school, after school, summer practices, and any emergency practices called by the director.  As previously stated, if a cheerleader misses without 24 hours written notice given to the coach, that cheerleader may be put on probation or removed from the squad. 

F. Members are expected to arrive on time and attend the entire practice/game/performance until dismissed by the coaches. Cheerleaders may not leave practice or the practice area without permission. 

G. All organization trips, projects, performances and activities must be under the direction 

and approval of the coaches.


H. If an incident occurs during school or while on a team trip, during competition or 

exhibition, a member should expect disciplinary action from school as well as from the coach. 

I. Performances may be subject to auditions if the entire squad is not prepared and ready 

as deemed by the coaches; therefore, members are not guaranteed to dance at every performance.


J. The Cheerleading Coach reserves the right to pull any member from a performance due to absence, conduct, or lack of effort. A member unable to meet the standards set for that performance will not be allowed to perform in that particular performance and will be placed on reserve status. The member must attend the practices and performances in uniform and assume all their responsibilities as usual. 

K. Members may be pulled from performances until their balance is paid in full.


L. Members will abide by school codes of conduct including the Irving ISD Student Code of 

Conduct both in and out of uniform, both at and away from school. 

M. Cheerleaders/ Managers/ Mascots are required to ride the Irving ISD transportation  provided to and from all events. They may not, under ANY circumstances, leave with a friend or parent. They will have to be picked up from school. 


Cheer Class & Practice

  • We will always meet in the locker room before practice, events, or games. In addition, beginning in July, you will never be allowed to leave before the bell rings or before practice is over. 

  • Tutoring for other classes must be done in the morning, after practice, or on days we do not have cheer. DO NOT ask to attend another class during cheerleading.  You will have a calendar, plan accordingly for tutorials. 

  • In order to practice: Remove ALL jewelry, have cheerleading shoes, hair must be up and out of your face, bring bottled water, and wear that day’s practice outfit. 

  • Maintain a GOOD attitude. Poor attitudes will result in running, jump builders, losing stunting privileges at games, and demerits. 

  • Do NOT talk, stand with your arms behind your back. Talking during practice and not paying attention will result in running, jump builders, losing stunting privileges, and demerits. Consequences will be dealt on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the coach. 

  • If you miss practice for any reason, you must call or email me before noon, or you will sit out at the next event. 

  • If you are absent from practice the day of or the day before a performance, you will sit out at the next event. 

  • At the end of practice,  you will write down any directives or notes I have in your cheer binder so you are prepared for upcoming events. 



  • We will always meet in the locker room before a game. For every minute you are late, the team will run a lap for and without you, and you will receive demerits. 

  • In order to participate in the event, you must be in full attire. That means wearing the correct shell, skirt, uniform top for boys,  socks, ribbons/bow, hairdo, megaphone and poms. 

  • Your hair must be slicked back. If you have baby hairs sticking out, you will be given hairspray, gel and bobby pins to fix it. With hairstyles that are not ponytail, you must keep your hair out of your face. If you have hair extensions or other modifications to your hair, you still must be able to match your teammates’ hair style during performances. Your hair must stay at a longer length so it can always be pulled up. Your hair can also NOT be a non-natural color-- meaning no blues, purples, pinks, fire engine red, green, etc. You can have subtle color in your hair, but it CAN NOT be the main color. 

  • Nails- You can have nail polish on your nails, but they must stay natural (no acrylic) and must be kept short. This is for the safety of others. If you need nails for an event (like a wedding or quinceanera) you must ask permission and take them off before you are allowed to perform again. 

  • You MUST ride the bus to and from every event. No exceptions. 

  • At games, you will face the crowd with your arms behind your back.  All cheers will be facing the crowd. You will not talk, and you will have a positive attitude. If you choose to talk or argue, you will lose your break at halftime, and do jump builders instead. 

  • After each cheer, you must jump a minimum of 1 time. Each time jumps are missed, the team will run. 1 missed jump = 1 lap

  • During basketball season, you will jump after each offensive basket UNLESS we are mid-cheer

  • We will meet at the start of halftime for briefly to discuss improvement. If SIGNIFICANT improvement has been made, it will lesson conditioning for the following practice. 

  • Unexcused missing of a game or performance= 3 weeks probation

  • Unexcused missing of practice= 1 week of probation


Pep Rallies & Decorating Locker Room

  • You must arrive on time for the pep rally in the locker room. If you are late, you will not cheer in the pep rally, and the squad will not get to stunt. In addition, you will run a lap for every minute you are late and receive demerits. 

  • You must be in full pep rally attire

  • You must keep our locker room CLEAN. This includes taking your clothing home to wash weekly, keeping the countertops clean, and keeping personal belongings in your locker—THIS INCLUDES YOUR PHONE. It does not EVER need to be out at an EVENT or PERFORMANCE unless you are in charge of filming that performance. 

  • You need to decorate your locker and promote school spirit. 

Fundraisers & Clinics

  • Fundraisers and Clinics are MANDATORY events. This helps build our program and you must attend all fundraising events. 


Article VI.


Academic Eligibility 

       A. Texas Education Agency – University Interscholastic League “NO PASS NO PLAY” requirements: 

           i. Students who pass all courses for the six-week period are eligible for the next six-week period. 

          ii. Students who lose eligibility and then regain eligibility must wait seven calendar days before they                         become eligible to participate in competitions and performances. Students who are may continue to                 practice with their team, but they may not perform. 

        iii. Students who have failed a class may regain eligibility after three week (progress reports); however, at                  the end of three weeks, they must be passing all courses, not just the one they failed. They also have a                  seven (7) calendar day waiting period after the three-week or six-week period before eligibility may be                regained. 

        B. Members who fail a class during any six week grading period will be excluded from participating in the organization’s activities for the following three (3) weeks. They are to continue to attend class and all outside of school practices. This state policy does not apply to social activities. After three weeks, a grade check will be completed. If the student is passing all classes, they may resume participation. If the student is failing a class, they will be placed on academic suspension for another three (3) weeks. 

       C. Any member who obtains an average of below 70 for any two (2) grading periods during the school year may be removed from the team. 

        D. Grades are given to the Cheerleaders and managers based upon effort, attitude, performance, responsibility, and achievement. This includes physical activities in cheerleading class. 

Article VII.


Cheerleaders should remember that they are under the authority and supervision of the school at all times. They are in a position of honor, representing the whole school, and expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct, punctuality, and attendance. Any absence from a game, begin tardy to a game, or any absence from school may result in temporary suspension or permanent dismissal from the squad. Any member absent from the last practice before a performance or absent from school the day of a performance may not perform. 

A. Excused Absences 

a. The status of an absence will be determined by the coaches. Some reasons for 

excused absences are: 

  1.  Sudden personal illness or accident  

  2.  Death in the family 

  3.  Religious holiday with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the coach to excuse the absence 

  4.  Special school UIL activity with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the coach to excuse the   absence 

  5.  Family trips with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the coach to excuse the absence 

  6.  Family ceremonies with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the coach to excuse the               absence 

  7.  Standardized tests for college admission with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the   coach to excuse the absence 

  8.  College visits with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the coach to excuse the absence.   Student must email / bring a verification letter from college to excuse the absence. 

  9.  Driving tests with advanced two (2) week notice and approval from the coach to excuse the absence. Student must email / bring a copy of the driving permit to excuse the absence. 

B. Unexcused Absences 

a. Absences for reasons other than those listed above will be unexcused (this includes absences from Cheerleading Athletic Class Period. Unexcused absences will result in disciplinary action as determined by the coaches and campus administration, and may result in loss of performance eligibility, 

suspension, or dismissal. 

C. Unexpected Absences 

a. In the event of an unexpected absence (illness, accident, or death in the family) the member must make every effort to inform the coach of the absence and the reason for the absence prior to the missed class / rehearsal / performance. 

b. The parent / guardian of the member is required to call the coach and speak 

directly or leave a message on the coach’s school voice mail, or send an email. Leaving a message with an officer is not sufficient. 

c. A parent and/or doctor’s note must be submitted to the upon the member’s return 

to school or rehearsal. Two (2) consecutive absences will require a doctor’s note. 

D. Unreported Absences 

a. Unreported absences will not be allowed. The status of an absence or tardy will be determined and disciplined by the coach. 

b. Members must attend school 1⁄2 day in order to maintain eligibility for participation 

in an organizational activity. 

  c. Tutorials may be attended once a week in conflict with a Cheerleading Practices without disciplinary consequences. Members should make every effort to schedule their tutorials outside of all calendared events. The cheer coach must be notified 24 hours before the tutorial session. 

Article VIII.

Routine Evaluations and Performances


A. All members must be present at the time of audition to be eligible to audition unless authorized prior to by the coach. 

B. The coaches have the final decision on who makes the performances or if a performance will even be held and that decision is final. 

C. A member unable to meet the standards set for that performance will not be allowed to perform in that particular performance, but must attend the performance in uniform and assume responsibilities as usual. 

D. A complete uniform and equipment check will be held prior to any activity/performance. 

Article IX.

Uniforms and Equipment 

  1. Cheerleaders will be supplied uniforms by Nimitz High School. The uniform will not be bought, made, or planned in any way without the permission of the coach. Members are responsible for the upkeep of each item received and will be held financially responsible for the item if lost or damaged. 

  2. Members are responsible for purchasing practice attire and other necessary clothing and accessories as required, and all personal items must be labeled with the member’s name. 

  3. Just like uniforms, cheerleaders will be required to wear specific practice attire daily as determined by the coach. 

  4. Practice attire / uniforms are to be kept clean and in good condition. Uniforms and shoes should be cleaned and kept in excellent care at all times. 

  5. All designated uniforms, jackets, etc. are to be worn by current NHS cheerleaders only. 

  6. The length and style of the uniform will be selected by the coach with the approval of campus administration if needed. 

  7. The uniform is only to be worn in conjunction with schools sponsored events. 

  8. Hair will be worn as specified by the coach/ or captain per performance. Your hair can also NOT be a non-natural color-- meaning no blues, purples, pinks, fire engine red, green, etc. You can have subtle color in your hair, but it CAN NOT be the main color.

  9. No member will lend their uniform to anyone else under any circumstances

  10. No jewelry will be worn during rehearsals, performances, or pictures unless specified by the coach. This includes facial piercings and hidden piercings. Cheerleaders may not get new piercings that cannot be taken out during season. No exceptions.  

  11. You can have nail polish on your nails, but they must stay natural (no acrylic) and must be kept short. This is for the safety of others. If you need nails for an event (like a wedding or quinceanera) you must ask permission and take them off before you are allowed to perform again. 

  12. Tattoos must not be visible at any time while in uniform or in practice wear. 

  13. Cheerleaders will be required to bring all necessary equipment for games (i.e. - poms, flags, water, megaphone, etc.).  Failure to bring equipment could result in sitting out of that game. 


Article X. Transportation and Travel 

A. Members are required to ride to and from all activities in the transportation provided by Irving ISD. This includes managers and mascots. 

B. If a member has requested an early release from an activity, the coach must have parent approval via a signed “Travel Release Form” prior to event, and the departure may not occur until the performance events have been concluded. 

C. Cheerleaders are required to submit Irving ISD carpool form with try-out packet to designate who can provide transportation for the student (meaning other cheerleaders, cheer parents, OR coaches in an emergency situation)

Article XI.

Finances and Fundraising 

All fundraisers will fall under the guidelines as outlined by Irving ISD and will benefit all members of the team OR each member individually, per each specific fundraiser’s guidelines. In all situations, fundraising activities must be approved by the campus administration and fall under requirements as outlined by the district for the current school year. 

A. If a member is dismissed or resigns, they will be held financially responsible for any and all items already ordered. No refunds will be made. 

B. Individual refunds from fundraising profits will not be made. 

Article XII.

Social Media and Texting 

The Nimitz Cheerleading Squad objects to inappropriate postings on social media sites and/or text messages which are offensive or are in violation of state or federal law, Irving ISD policy, and The Cheer Constitution. Students are considered representatives of Nimitz High School and Irving ISD and their participation in social media forums and interaction through texting is subject to scrutiny if an incident is reported to the campus administration or coach. The conduct of the students on social media sites and through text messaging reflects upon the reputation of the Cheerleaders and the district as a whole. Therefore, the Nimitz High Social Media and Texting Policy will be as follows: 

A. Cyber bullying in any form will not be tolerated. Cyber bullying will be considered by occurrence, and disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the coach and campus administration. 

B. Specific mention of the squad, members, coaches, parents, volunteers, participants, etc. must be positive in nature with every post. Even deleted posts can be scrutinized and up for discussion.  

C. Students are not to post negative content in regards to any team or team member on any social media site or through texting. 

D. Members are not to respond negatively / aggressively to any posting or text. 

E. Members are not to use social media or texting to threaten other students or spread negative Content. 

F. Members who are concerned about any type of posting, video, text, etc. should ignore the comments and immediately share their concern with their parents, or notify the coach who will then handle the situation appropriately. Failure to notify coach or admin will be a reason for disciplinary action. 

G. Pictures and videos of members must not display inappropriate or illegal behavior. This includes any posts in or out of uniform, during or outside of school activities and even at home.  Any member reported to have posted on a social media site / sent texts which are offensive or in violation of this Nimitz Cheer Constitution may be subject to probation, suspension, or dismissal. In the event that a member’s social media account or use of texting is found to be in violation of the policy via proof of video OR screen shot of inappropriate behavior, the coach reserves the right to impose disciplinary action. The severity of the discipline will be based on the seriousness of the infraction and whether there have been previous offenses by the student. This includes content that has been deleted but brought to the coaches’ or admins’ attention.


Article XIII.

The Disciplinary System 

Disciplinary actions taken by the coach and/or campus administration in regards to enforcing the Nimitz High School Cheerleading Constitution are final and are not grounds for the for the formal grievance process. 

According to the Irving ISD Cheer Constitution:

New: School boards are no longer required to hear cheerleader or drill team complaints. The Texas Education Code was amended in 2017 to provide that a school board in not required to address a complaint concerning a student’s participation in an extracurricular activity that does not involve a violation of a right guaranteed by Texas Education Code Chapter 26. (See Board Policy FNG (LEGAL) for a list of rights guaranteed by 26.) This does not affect a claim brought by a parent under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (20 U.S.C. Section 1400 et seq.) or a successor federal statute addressing special education services for a child with a disability.


Article XIV.

Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, Resignation,

and the Appeal Process 

A. Probation 

a. Probation is a period designated in which the member continues to uphold all responsibilities of being a Cheerleader member, but may not participate in performances. Members may attend social activities and wear the uniform. Members may attend education field trips, but may not participate or assist with a public performance. This includes Citizenship below an 80 in any reporting period, unexcused absence from practice, game, activity without prior notice, or any actions deemed necessary by the coach. 

b. A contract will be written and must be signed by the member, parent, and coach digitally  

c. If the reason for probation is not corrected within the time frame established, the member is subject to suspension or dismissal. 

d. Reasons for probation (but not limited to): 

i. Receiving three (3) detentions or Saturday school 

ii. Poor conduct/attitude 

iii. Failing one (1) or more classes for a grading period (in accordance with UIL rules and regulations) – 3 weeks of probation. 

      B. Suspension 

a. Suspension eliminates the member from participation at mandatory activities, participation in performances, and special events. The member may not attend Cheerleading social activities. The member is not allowed to wear any part of the uniform to school or activities during the period of suspension. The member may not travel or sit with the Squad at performance events or public activities. The member will continue to attend Cheer Athletics class and assist the managers in their duties. This includes a six week grade below a 70 or any actions deemed necessary by coach. 

b. A suspension contract will be written for the member with the length of the suspension to be decided upon by the coach. The suspension contract must be signed by the member, parent, and coach. 

c. If the reason for suspension is not corrected within the time frame established, the  member is subject to dismissal. 

d. Suspension will be handled in the following manner: 

i. First Suspension: 2 games or performances 

ii. Second Suspension: 3 games or performances 

iii. Third Suspension: Any member who receives a suspension for a third time will be removed from the squad for the remainder of the school year. 

e. Reasons for Suspension (but not limited to): 

i. Second assignment of administrative disciplinary consequences – contract may vary. 

ii. Continuing to fail one or more classes after three (3) week probation – three 

(3) weeks of suspension. 

                       iii. Receiving In School Suspension (ISS) via disciplinary action from campus 



C. Dismissal 

a. Dismissal involves a loss of membership from the organization. All school equipment and uniforms must be returned and all financial obligations must be cleared within one week of dismissal. Once a member has been dismissed, they lose all privileges of the organization. This includes awards, recognition, etc., although they may have accrued over the duration of the year. This also includes attending Cheerleading only events, using the facilities, and wearing team attire. A dismissal may be for a citizenship grade below a C, (3) or more six weeks grades below a 70 in any class, truancy from school, probation (3) times during a school year, suspension (2) during the school year, or engaging possession of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, and/or engaging in conduct that results in an off-campus alternative education program placement.

b. A member who has been dismissed will not be eligible to participate in the next year’s tryout without approval from the coach and campus administration. Areas to be reviewed will include, but is not limit to, a review of the reason(s) for dismissal and student records since the dismissal (academic grades, discipline records, attitude, etc.). 

c. In all cases of dismissal, the coach will confer with campus administration. 


D. Grounds for Dismissal 

a. All rules become enforceable the day the Nimitz Cheerleader is selected and remain in effect until the end of the team’s year. 

b. Grounds for automatic dismissal will include, but is not limited to, the following: 

i. Any member who receives a suspension for a third time will be removed from the team for the remainder of the school year. 

ii. Any member who receives Out of School Suspension (OSS) will be removed from the team for the remainder of the year. 

iii. Accumulating three (3) UNEXCUSED absences from one or a combination of the aforementioned activities will result in immediate removal from the team for the remainder of the school year. 

iv. Any member who is expelled from school will be removed from the team for 

the remainder of the school year. 

                       v. Accumulating three (3) written warnings with regards to behavior/conduct, 

dress code violations, attendance, failure to follow a coach’s directive, and/or other violations of the Constitution. 

1. 1st Warning: parents will be notified via email or phone call and the cheerleader will be benched for one (1) performance 

2. 2nd Warning: parents will be notified via email or phone call and the cheerleader will be benched for two (2) performances 

3. 3rd Warning: results in the student’s removal from the team for the 

remainder of the school year. Please note that any member removed from the team is not eligible to attend any team activities including the end-of-the-year banquet. 

E. Resignation 

a. Resignation shall be defined as a choice made by the member that they no longer desire to participate on The Nimitz Cheerleading Squad 

b. Once a member has resigned from the organization, they forfeit all privileges of the organization. This includes awards, recognitions, etc., although they may accrue over the duration of the school year.

c. Resignation procedures involve a conference with the coaches and a letter of 

resignation (preferably typed) by the resigning member, signed and dated, with a parent/guardian signature as well. 

d. Upon dismissal or resignation, every effort will be made to move the student to an 

alternative setting; however, this will remain at the discretion of the campus administration, counselors, and coaches. 


F. The Disciplinary Appeal Process 

a. The Appeal Process is the order a parent/guardian or member should follow concerning the appeal of a disciplinary decision: 

i. Reference the Constitution 

ii. Conference with the coaches 

iii. Conference with designated campus administrator 

iv. Conference with the Principal The decision of the Nimitz High School 

principal is final and is not subject to the district’s appeals process unless the concern is related to district wide policy, guidelines, or procedures. 

Article XV.

Captains and Leadership Social Officers 

A. Selection 

a. The captains/leadership officer candidates will be evaluated by a panel of three (3) or more qualified judges. The selection of the candidates will be based on the sum of the scores of the three or more judges and their profile packets. 


       B. Dismissal of a Captain/Leadership Officer 

a. Grounds for dismissal will include, but is not limited to, the following: 

i. If an officer fails a class, they will receive (1) warning before being relieved of their duties.

 ii. If an officer is placed on probation or suspension, they will be receive (1) 

warning before being relieved of their duties as an officer. 

Article XVI. Managers 

A. Managers may be selected by the coach 

B. Managers must be enrolled in the Athletic Cheer Period unless mandated otherwise by coach and must participate in all athletic activities in the class. 

C. Managers are non-performing team members and must uphold all duties, rules and 

regulations, including grade policies, presented in the Cheer Constitution. Failure to comply with the rules and policies will result in termination from the manager position. 


Article XVII.


A. Varsity Cheerleaders will receive one letter and one jacket. Jackets will be ordered by the organization. 

B. High School members must be enrolled in cheerleading two semesters per year. 

C. Members must have a current physical examination each school year. Participation will not be allowed if this requirement is not met. If a member has to sit out (2) or more consecutive performances or practices, he/she will not be allowed to return until a doctor’s release has been submitted. Mindfully, each absence will be recorded and may result in disciplinary actions. 

D. Each member is required to have insurance to cover an injury incurred while cheering. 

The nurse and/or trainer at each school will provide emergency services to the students and make appropriate referrals. For all emergency situations including a possible back or neck injury, possible heat stress, fractures, cessation of breathing or pulse, and unconsciousness, emergency services at 911 will be called. 

E. A cheerleader who voluntarily leaves the squad or who is dismissed from the squad for 

disciplinary reasons is not eligible for a refund and is responsible for outstanding balances and will not be allowed to tryout the following year unless approved by the coach and/or administrator. 

Article XVIII. Parental Responsibilities 

A. Parents must be willing to meet all financial obligations and time commitments involved in having their student as a Nimitz Cheerleader. All payments are final and non-refundable. This will be effective in all cases including probation, suspension, dismissal, and resignation. 

B. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from all activities, practices, 

except when transportation is provided by the school district. 

C. At least one parent / guardian of each Cheerleader is required to attend the parent meeting held before tryouts unless the coach has been contacted prior. 

D. Parents should be supportive of their child and of the Cheerleaders as a whole. 

E. If a cheerleader is failed to be picked up with 10 minutes of release time after practice, games, or performances--then they are eligible to be placed on probation or have consequences. 

1st offense- Extra mile in class

2nd offense- 10 demerits

3rd offense- must sit out a performance or game

4th offense- parent meeting with possible removal from squad or must sit out multiple games

Article XIV. Inherent Risks of Cheerleading 

A. Cheerleading is reasonably safe as long as certain guidelines are followed, but there is 

the inherent risk of injury as in any athletic activity. Cheerleading is an anaerobic / aerobic activity which includes jumping, stunting, motions, and tumbling. All physicals must be on file in the campus office before you may participate in physical activities. Keep your coach informed of all injuries and / or chronic conditions. If a cheerleader is out for (2) consecutive activities or events a doctor’s release is required. 

B. Members will participate in an appropriate warm-up that is designated by the coach.

C. Members will learn challenging stunts on a mat or turf field. Once members have executed the stunt, the stunt will be practiced in the gym or studio. 

D. Members will train to increase strength and guard against injuries such as weight lifting, 

endurance training, and conditioning. 

B. Demerits will be given by the coach when deemed necessary. When a cheerleader accumulates 30 demerits, she will be placed on probation for games/performances until she acquires the merits to erase the demerits.After (2) probationary periods, the cheerleader will then be suspended. The suspended cheerleader will sit with the coach at the game and promote spirit. Coaches will advise cheerleaders on their merits on a bi-weekly basis unless cheerleader schedules time with coach to view her demerits. 

1. tardiness to any event – 3 demerits 

2. unexcused absence to any event – 10 demerits (20 if not given 24 hours notice)

3. leaving an event early – 3 demerits 

4. not wearing uniform – 10 demerits 

5. negative attitude – 5 demerits 

6. late after halftime – 3 demerits 

7. disrespect – 5 demerits 

8. leaving materials behind – 3 demerits 

9. Out of dress code-- 3 demerits

10. Missing piece of uniform-- 5 demerits


Others as deemed necessary by coach 

C. Merits can be earned by completing the following activities. Upon completion of activity, the cheerleader must submit info to Coach. It takes two merits to erase one demerit. 

1. making a spirit sign – 2 merits 

2. community service (1 Full Hour)– 2 merits 

3. straight A’s – 5 merits 

4. A/B Honor Roll – 3 merits 

5. Perfect Attendance at school – 3 merits 

6. Student of the Month – 3 merits 

Any other activity deemed appropriate by coach


Article XV. Communication with Coaches

Coaches will communicate daily with squads using the “Band App”. All squad members are required to download the app. This is how we communicate everything to the squad. 


  • “Band App” will be used by coaches for ALL announcements. If you have a question, ask your captain first. Coach has last say on EVERYTHING. Calling coach should be a LAST resort.

  • You must turn on notifications on your phone band app. Missing a message is not a valid excuse for not being prepared. 

  • Please get the phone numbers of your teammates so you can always contact each other. 

  • Please be aware of what time it is for any announcement. Please nothing after 9 pm—especially if you are contacting your coaches. 

**Note- ALL rules are subject to change, but not without notice**

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